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What is Red Guava?

Red Guava exists to empower local businesses. Red Guava is an online platform that allows businesses to advertise their deals and promotions to users that connects to free wifi or search the net for the next best deals. Whether you are an online shop owner that wants the most affordable way to advertise, or the owner of a physical shop that wants higher customer retention by providing a different experience to your customers – Red Guava has something for you.


We believe that it’s time there was a more effective and affordable way for businesses to advertise their products and servicesFounded in 2015, Red Guava is a free-to-use platform, marketing our advertisers’ products to as many people as possible. No pay-per-click limitations. We use trusted and vetted servers on our web platform – ensuring security and protection for each of our client.

How Does RedGuava Work?

Spot Wi-Fi Sticker

Spot our “ Free Wi-Fi ” sticker on retail stores

Connect Wi-Fi

Connect to “ Red Guava Free Wi-Fi ” on your phone setting

Deal & Promotions

Enjoy free Wi-Fi and browse through attractive deals and promos

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